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A bit of history to start. Away from the abstract theories of the philosophers of counters, the Spanish revolution initiated on 19 July 1936 immediately faced real problems: after stopping in two thirds of the country the putsch of rebel troops in the Republic, there taken in one week again work society (food, transport, energy), organize the militias of voluntary revolutionaries to try to resume some areas fallen into the hands of factious generals, while collectivist the many companies (like in Catalonia), or even by introducing libertarian communism (as in Aragon). This task was of course mainly conducted by the anarcho-syndicalist CNT; a number of books exist that describe the change in society that began to take shape. For some, “militiamen, workers, peasants libertarians brought the most important practical contribution to the international proletarian movement” fighting “on all fronts the bourgeoisie, fascism, and Stalinism” starting “to achieve the Communist society. Has also been described as this page of the history of ‘social revolution incomparably more profound than any that preceded it. For libertarian activists, the Bill has been heavy: “this adventure, probably carried as far as possible, in the circumstances, and unmatched until today, they paid the price, lifetime, in years of prison and exile. Here you can read more about Marxist Leninist communist party of Turkey.

The primary role of the Spanish anarchists during this revolution continues to stay across the throat of some individuals who never accepted of not to lead a revolution which not is was not following their Marxist-Leninist scheme, and so wasn’t in a sense (historical, it’s going to be) they wanted to impose. They have a memory that fails and cannot bring himself to acknowledge the indisputable contribution of the libertarians in the antifascist struggle. We have a new demonstration in the letters to the editor of the diplomatic world January 2013, where they can read the prose of a certain Fernando Malverde which reacts strongly to the review of the autobiography of Cipriano Mera (War, exile, and prison of anarcho-syndicalist) by Floréal Melgar.
What is that so makes react the citizen Fernando Malverde? It seems that the phrase “Stalinist Communists” Floréal. And good old Fernando to blame him of “have not said much about Cipriano Mera: the fundamental role it played in the betrayal (sic) which caused the fall of Madrid. The more memory that fails, I will talk about selective memory on the part of the citizen Malverde.
The perfect role of Cipriano Mera before oblivion (anarcho-syndicalist militant), during (he commanded the Republican forces during their first victory in Guadalajara) and after (prison, concentration camp and in exile using sound use of Mason, which was far from the course of molt apparatchiks of the Spanish Communist Party).
Forgotten, too, of the role of Negrín, last Chief of the Republican government, a real puppet in the hands of the Communists to whom he wanted to grant all positions of command. 

Forgetting the role of the Psuc Stalinist in May 1937 in Barcelona: the real civil war in the civil war to bring the anarchists and their revolution. The attack on the switchboard was only a provocation to Moscow Pravda announced unambiguously in December 1936: “in Catalonia, the elimination of the Trotskyists and the IWA has already begun; It will be conducted with the same energy as in the USSR. “
Forgotten, also, the arrests and assassinations of anarchist militants such as named, or as Nin poumist. When the revolutionaries questioned on the walls of Barcelona “A Donde Esta Nin? (Where is Nin?), the Stalinist agitprop responded, “In Burgos o in Berlin” (Burgos or Berlin), i.e., at Franco or Hitler. Torture, kill him was not enough, he also had to slander him.
Forgotten, the destruction, by the Stalinist Enrique Lister, communities of Aragon and the physical elimination of the members of their Board (all anarchists).
Forgotten, providing expertly directed armaments supplied by the Soviets: generously toward the battalions under command Communist, and only promised to the militia of anarchists as long as they accept the militarization.
Forgotten. Let’s stop here, this list. Side Republican, all veterans of the base of the Communist Party were not bastards, but their leaders so! Not traitors because, from the outset, they said: they did not want a revolution, but simply a bourgeois Republic (the first step towards socialism following the classic Marxist-Leninist scheme). Abuses against the other anti-Fascist forces? They didn’t know? (The opening of the archives in Moscow has a little refreshed them memory, especially about the assassination of Nin) Was it terrible counselors of the NKVD’s fault? Really? But then Stalin gave his orders to the ECP? Well, what the hell, it’s not with the PCF of Taylor that this would have happened, it!
What? Anarchists do not forget? Is not to hold a grudge, it just has the memory.

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