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The prime minister Erdoğan overcame the June uprising by the police terror and killing people. But he wasn't able to oppress the people who joined the uprising, so the people gained self-confidence for their struggle. After the June uprising process the people became fighter. On the anniversary of June uprising, firstly in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antakya, Dersim and other dozens cities, the mass demonstrated on the squares and the streets. In these cities and some other cities, the police attacked the demonstrations with gas bombs, plastic bullets, chemical water, water canons and armored vehicles.


Before the anniversary Erdoğan threatened, the people who participating in the demonstrations will be arrested. Although this situation and intensive police attacks tens of thousands participate in the demonstrations and answered Erdoğan with mass militancy.


After the June uprising, during a meeting for protecting the city forest of Istanbul, a woman named Elif Çermik was fallen into coma by gas bombs fired by the police. Elif Çermik died on May 30 and her funeral was carried out on May 31 too.


In Istanbul and some other cities the resistance began at the afternoon of the May 31 and continued the whole night. On June 1 and the next days the people carried out the commemoration of the martyrs of the June uprising. Communists, revolutionaries and football fans fought at the forefront against the police terror. Besides militants of the Kurdish movement joined the demonstrations and fought against the police terror, this was conversely than the last years.


Large masses supported the actions by hitting theire stewpot at 9 o'clock pm and helping, protecting demonstrators during the police attacks. The police heavily injured dozens of revolutionaries and arrested hundreds of them.


At Mayday, protests of the massacre of Soma miners and anniversary of the June uprising, revolutionaries and the people are creating a tradition of militant struggle and preparing the next mass struggles against the dictatorship of Erdoğan.



Statement / Year 20014 / No 3

The fascist dictatorship and the AKP government do not stop to terrorize the working class and the oppressed. They say be silent and bow your head to dictatorship and colonialist order to the workers, women, youth, poor, our Kurdish people, the national minorities, the Alevi, the labourers from the cities and the countryside who are using conquered rights, who want to gain new economic and democratic rights and rise the banner of a free and dignified life. In order to reach that they mobilize the police and carry out a policy of truncheons, rubber bullets, gas, pressurized water, weapons and bombs. The attacks on the worker's resistances in spring and Mayday are recent examples of that policy.
We have made use of the right of the working class and the oppressed to make policy by means of violence, to defend themselves, to ask account and to grow the struggle against this fascist terror and carried out a bomb attack targeting the police of Istanbul. In the evening of May 2, two bombs exploded shortly one after the other in front of the police centre Kayasehir in the district Basaksehir. The people's enemies, who escaped this time only accidentally at the explosion of the second bomb will not always be that lucky. The revolutionary violence will not let those escape who are tyrannizing the labourers, the poor and the youth and are shedding their blood.
Due to our responsibility against our peoples and our action we feel the duty to inform you that this statement is published with delay despite our will.


Down with the dictatorship
Long live Revolution!


May 18, 2014





After three requests for dismissal of the eight Socialists had already been rejected by various courts, the 20th Heavy Penal Court ruled today for the release of the Socialists.

Then the for almost eight years sitting in custody Socialists Arif Çelebi, Füsun Erdoğan, Seyfi Polat, Mehmet Ali Polat, Naci Guner, Bayram Namaz, Erkan Özdemir and Turac Solak were released today surprisingly from prison.



Recently, the second World Conference of ICOR has been performed successfully in Europe. At the conference, 28 delegations from 24 countries, as well as two guest delegations took part. Delegates discussed the work of the past three years and adopted 14 resolutions.

A representative of the MLCP welcomed the meeting with the following words: "Our party greets you from the cities, from the squares and from the factories in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, as well as from the fighting fronts of Rojava."

The results of the conference will be published in the coming weeks.



Revolutionaries who were murdered in 1995 during a resistance in Gazi , Istanbul, were commemorated on 12th March in Gazi and on 15th March in the quarter Mayday.


The first action was organised by the families of the martyrs in Gazi. The second action was a march organised by the ESP to the cemetery. The elder brother of Hasan Ocak, who had been a commandant of the Gazi-resistance and who had been murdered by the police for that reason, as well as different parties and organisations held speeches. The speeches were about fascism not being able to stop the march from one resistance to another.


The HDP commemorated the Gazi-martyrs with a march, too. The Platform 12th March commemorated the martyrs by organising a march to the cemetery in Gazi. 


The MLCP and KGÖ commemorated the Gazi-martyrs and the comrades Serkan TOSUN,Yasemin ÇİFTÇİ and Yılmaz SELÇUK by organizing an armed action on Ismetpasa Street and shouting slogans.


During the resistance in June 2013 the fascist police of the AKP -dictatorship shot the 15-year-old revolutionary student Berkin Elvan in his head with a capsule in the revolutionary quarter Okmeydani, Istanbul.Berkin Elvan was in coma after being shot at close range directly in his head with the aim to kill him. Berkin fought 269 days for his life but died on 11th March 2014.


On the morning of 11th March around 1 million people started to gather at Okmeydani to mourn and say goodbye to Berkin.


From all over Istanbul people gathered in masses at Okmeydani to carry the body of Berkin covered with red flags and red carnations. The action of Berkin’s farewell and swinging around the red flags high in the air were an important revolutionary step for the hegemony battle against the nationalists to make the masses revolt against the AKP dictatorship. The crowd shouted slogans such as “We are all Berkin, we won’t disappear through murders”, “murderer Erdogan”, “The murderer state will render an account” and “Themothers‘anger will strangle the murderers“. During the farewell posters of the murderer AKP as well as their election offices were demolished.


During the beginning of the farewell action poems of Pablo Neruda were recited and later at the cemetery of Nazim Hikmet. 


The families of the martyrs of the June resistance said farewell to Berkin through his family. 


Since the police of AKP fascism was unsuccessful in hindering the farewell march, they attacked the people who wanted to march to Taksim with toxic gas and water guns. The clashes lasted until midnight.


Organisations such as HalkCephesi, ESP , Partizan, SDP , HDP and other revolutionary and progressiveparties and organisations, antifascist clerks and employees, unions such as DİSK und KESK , the BDP and organisations of the democratic Alevi movement participated in the farewell march.


The farewell battle of Berkin took different forms in different cities from Izmir to Dersim, from Amed to Eskisehir. This battle lasted from 11th March to 16th March. Especially young students boycotted their schools and demonstrated. The masses militantly attempted to occupy the Taksim square and put up barricades to fight against the police. With fascist anger Erdogan directed his supporters to attack in Okmeydani and announced the AKP supporter who had been killed during clashes with the masses as a martyr. He pointed out that civil mass clashes should escalate.


The small actions that insistently have widespread been organised after the resistance in June are the new peak of the attempts to create new June resistances and to guide the anger of our people against AKP fascism and its corruption.


Goodbye Berkin, child of hope! Berkin was the fist of revolution against the AKP fascism!













31 May 2006

MLCP was founded on September 10th, 1994. The documents of the Founding Congress (1st Congress) form its theoretical, political and organisational basis. This historical development, expressed as the "Unity Revolution", is a result of the struggle conducted within the organisations and among the organisations starting from 1989 by the party's predecessor organisations...