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To follow the call of our Party, the first revolutionaries arrived in Rojava and start to build a international battalion.

They say the following thinks about there motivation to participate in the revolution:

Martos: "The Rojava Revolution is a war against fascist forces, the IS gangs. This is the reason why we are here. This revolution is also an example for the revolutions all over the world. We're here to spread the revolution.”

Thälmann Demircioğlu: "The imperialists claim that there are neither revolution nor class struggle in the 21th century. But here in Rojava there is an actual revolution. For this reason all communists and internationalists should come here to defend the revolution with weapons in their hands. The experiences gathered here have to be carried back to the countries to start the revolution their as well.”

Deniz Özgür: “The presence of comrades from different countries shows that we can defend the revolution in any language. First we expected to face communication problems. But we know each other very well, as it is described in the 'No Pasaran' march, which tells of the international battalions in the Spanish Civil War. We also know each other that well because we share the same thoughts regarding the future. The language of revolution and war unifies us and makes us understand each other.”

Arya Yeter: „Women write history here, they show their longing for change and struggle in a very strong way. This revolutions has shown us one more time that it's most important for women to defend the revolution. The strangulation of this revolution and the occupation of this land means also the occupation of the women's body. Therefore, my call is primarily upon humaneness, upon youth and most important upon young women. This is our revolution. We are its subjects. This requires our participation in the revolution.”


The banner of those fallen in the struggle for dignity and freedom lives in Kobanê!

Comrade Sibel Bulut (Sarya Özgür/ Eylem Deniz), a party combatant, has become immortal fighting the ISIS gangs at the southern front of Kobane. Comrade Sarya's path of life began in 1986 in Dersim and has risen to immortality after revolutionary works in different areas of struggle.
Our comrade Sarya, who was in Cizire at that time, was one of the first, that followed the call of our party 'Participate in this revolution. Defend this revlution. Answer the call of Kobanê. Mobilize yourselves.'

Our comrade Sarya said 'It's each honourable person's task to stand at Kobanê's side. Standing by Kobanê and its people is the duty of every person with self respect and conscience. As a communist, I need to be right in the midst of this fair struggle' and saying so had been fighting as a volunteer since the 16th October 2014 in Kobanê.

Our comrade Sarya defended the revolution and hoisted our party's banner. She was a communist combatant of our struggle for dignity and freedom, which we love so much that we die for it. Just as the fallen comrades Serkan and Paramaz she was a soldier of the great and fair cause. She was one of the female representatives of self-sacrifice, as the martyrs Arin Mirxan, Yasemin and Güneş before her.

Sacrificing her life she left us an honourable heritage as well as her weapons, which we will carry on to victory. She showed the whole world that there is nothing more valuable than dignity and freedom. Resisting shoulder to shoulder the combatants of MLCP, YPG and YPJ have strengthened the struggle street for street and house for house. Doing so they carried Kobanê near to the proclamation of victory. Sarya won't celebrate the victory dancing along with her comrades. Yet, those following her path will sing songs of freedom on her behalf. The party banner, a sign of dignity and freedom, that has been wrapped around her will never fall down. Her weapon will be among the guns that will be fired announcing victory as it is now in the hands of her comrades and will not remain silent untill victory is achieved.

In order to honour Sarya and all fallen comrades it is our dignant duty and our promise to carry on the revolutionary flame in every region and all over the world. We will fulfill these promises at all cost.
We call all women, especially the communist women, that defend dignity and freedom, to follow comrade Sarya and participate in the victorious march of Kobanê.
Our condolences to our peoples and to her family.
Greetings to those resisting on behalf of Kobanê and the Rojava revolution.

Glory to the Paramaz Kızılbaş's, Arin Mirxan's, Sarya Özgür's!

Civil name: Sibel Bulut
Mother's name: Zekiye
Father's name: Nusret
Place of birth: Dersim
Date of birth: 18.11.1986
Party name: Sarya/Eylem Deniz
Date of immortality: 12.12.2014

Rojava, 13th December 2014


Let us defend the revolutionary Rojava and the resistance in Palestine!

The imperialist forces and their regional collaborators try to impose their policy of enslavement and exploitation on the peoples of the Middle East. As progressive, antiimperialist, revolutionary and communist forces we must counter this with our joint struggle.

We, parties and organizations from the Middle East and Europe, call for solidarity with the struggle of the peoples in the Middle East against imperialism and the reactionary states of the region.

We extend our greetings to the heroic resistance of the defenders of Kobanê, who have been standing firmly against the storm of fascist gangs since 15 September, and to the struggle of all progressive forces against imperialism in Kurdistan, Palestine and the Middle East.

We demand the immediate repeal of the PKK ban and of the related jurisdiction which criminalizes international solidarity.  

We call on all antifascist, antiimperialist, progressive, revolutionary and communist organizations, parties and individual persons to support the defense of Kobanê and Rojava and to support the liberation struggle of the peoples in the Middle East!

We call up to: form solidarity committees, organize meetings, demonstrations, occupations and strikes at work, at universities and schools, in the streets and on the squares.

We call up to: collect financial and material donations, create publicity; discuss and inform about the current situation.

We call up to: participate actively in the struggle of the peoples of the Middle East, defend the revolutionary Rojava by your participation in the international brigades!

International recognition of the cantons Afrin, Cizîrê and Kobanê Cantons in Rojava!
Long live the Kobanê resistance!
Long live the struggle of the peoples in the Middle East!
Long live proletarian internationalism!

Kommunistischer Aufbau
Rode Morgen


I’ve lived a life and learned a great deal from all those who walked into my life. With all those I have learned, I made a choice; testified the Truth or truths. And in the dialectics of life, I passed over to the other pole; things being thus, I’m hoping that it brings goodness for all of us. Born as an ordinary human being, I bid thee farewell as an ordinary human being. I know that I often left you in the lurch, I sometimes was harsh on you and I did indeed make you upset. Forgive me one last time.


As an ordinary young man, I simply made a choice imposed by mundane contradictions. And above all, I made this choice for myself. I didn’t hit the road to serve a lofty aim; I just wanted to enchant life, this charmless, reified world side by side with earthly people. I have learned that my contradictions couldn’t be overcome, but one could only endeavor to socialize and organize such contradictions at a higher level inasmuch as they are social. This was the point in my life where I was closest to Truth.


Having been illegally born in Söke, a Turkish from Duisburg, Clauberg; I am, as whatever I am in Turkey, not regretful for anything. I realized that, every trouble in life was eventually an opportunity for humans once they know how to benefit from it. My mere concern is by no means to grow up, never to be a part of the adult life, in other words, to eternally remain a child…  Here I am, heading off to Neverland, just like Peter Pan, so as to remain a child for good. Nothing else could ever make me happier.



I wish that you will be sowing the seeds of a glorious uprising and a pioneering and consequential organization in search for Truth in Western Turkey that will produce its own heroes who will enchant the lives of ordinary proletarians.


Every heart is a revolutionary cell!!!

Imagination to power!!!


Joint declaration of revolutionary parties that attended the 20th anniversary of MLCP.


Since the 15th September, roughly a month ago, the people of Kobane resists the attacks of the ISIS gangs.
The panislamic organization ISIS grew rapidly in the reactionary civil war of Syria. Turkey's AKP government, the kings of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, the USA and the European imperialists allowed this reactionary civil war to escalate with the intention to bring down the Syrian regime. They provided support in form dozens of millions of dollars, dozens of millions of heavy weapons, training of combatants and training camps.
Furthermore, the AKP government intensified this support to crush the Rojava revolution. In the deciphered secret conversation between Davutoğlu, MIT and the responsibles in the army they mentioned that the Turkish government provided 2000 truckloads of weapon support and discussed which provocations they could organize to justify an occupation. The Turkish government instructed the panislamic warriors in Turkey as well as on the battle ground of Syria in the use of heavy weapons – including chemical weapons.
Through seizing Mosul on 10th June ISIS got the chance to grow again. It were the same forces that boosted this development in order to reshape the power in Iraq. ISIS did not content itself with the conquest of Mosul and eluded the it supporting forces' control. It founded the Islamic State and caused a blood bath among peoples of distinct beliefs. They enslaved women and sold them on the markets.
The AKP government orientated ISIS towards the crush of the Rojava revolution. ISIS attacks Kobane with tanks, artillery and rockets. Kobane is one of the self-administrating regions of the Rojava revolution. The people of Rojava and Kobane defends itself through YPG, that was made against the attacks of the barbarian ISIS from the different nations and beliefs present in Rojava. The defensive battle of the Revolution, in which also the militants of MLCP as comrade Serkan Tosun and Paramaz in Kobane participated, goes on.
The USA, NATO and the reactionary states of the region allegedly decided to conduct a war against ISIS. Yet, in fact, taking ISIS as a pretence, they let the demoralizing war in Syria escalate even more. Even more important; they plan to intervene after ISIS debilitated YPG with heavy weapons.
In the revolution of 19th July 2012 the peoples of distinct nations and belief in Rojava have obtained their freedom and founded the self-administration on a voluntary basis. They tried to keep the reactionary war out of their region and to create their future independently from it.
What is rising these days at the horizon against blood bath and obscurity in Syria is the sun of people and revolution.
We as the revolutionaries and communist parties that participated in the 20th anniversary of MLCP's foundation support the Rojava revolution wholeheartedly.
We call on the working classes and peoples of the world, and their progressive, revolutionary and communist forces to support the Kobane resistance, which is the Stalingrad of Kurds.
Let us go beyond the internationalist slogan of the Madrid defence against the Franco hordes: Now Kobane is the home of the revolution!
Let us strengthen the Kobane resistance by demonstrations and strikes at work places, schools and on the public squares and through the heroic resistance of the revolutionaries, that form part of the international brigades in Kobane and Rojava!

Long live the Kobane resistance!

Crvena Akcija
Kommunistischer Aufbau
Marokkanisches fortschrittliches Kollektiv
Marokkanische kommunistische Marxisten-Leninisten
Partija Rada
Reconstruccion Comunista


“Today, Madrid is a homeland”! was the slogan of internationalists in defense of republican Madrid against the military units of fascist Franco. 


Kobane, the starting point of Rojava Revolution, has been under siege and constant great massacre threat of barbaric ISIS for 15 days. The ISIS mobs, who reached the gates of Kobane on 26 September, can make great massacre at any time. The AKP government in Ankara has supported the ISIS attacks by giving them weapons and ammunitions. It plans to destroy Rojava Revolution by using the ISIS and then to occupy the region through announcement of “buffer zone”.


The ISIS mobs have got the heavy weaponry such as missiles, tanks and artilleries taken from Iraq-Mosul army and Syria Hezekiah regiments. And the people of Kobane and YPG (People’s Protection Units) have got Kalashnikovs and rockets in their hands. In spite of the extreme inequality of weapons, the people of Kobane and YPG will resist heroically and create the “Stalingrad” of Kurds. They have been continuing with their heroic resistance for 15 days now. However, the ISIS, leaning on the extreme superiority of weaponry, will try to destroy the city and cause a great mass killing. 


The imperialist forces led by the USA have agreed to strike ISIS on the air. They again lit the fire of war under the pretext of ISIS. But, although they have agreed on the air strikes of ISIS, they consider it as something not to hurry up. They also plan to destroy Rojava Revolution by ISIS starting from Kobane and then to attack ISIS.  


Although the Assad regime is in war with ISIS, it does not organize air strike against the ISIS convoys that are full of tanks and artilleries. Because he, too, find the destruction of Rojava Revolution, even by his enemy, in line with his interests. He also calculates that the war will also weaken the ISIS.


All the progressive, revolutionary, communist parties, mass organizations, trade unions and women organizations of Middle East and the world!


The revolution on 19 July 2012 in Rojava (North of Syria) has brought the people from all nations and beliefs onto power by uniting them on the basis of freedom and equal rights. They have established the people’s defense in order to stop reactionary civil war to harm the region. They have mobilized women with equal rights to take part in administration and defense of the region. Our Party, MLCP is also taking part in the Rojava Revolution and fights with its women and men warriors.    


Today Rojava and Kobane is the homeland of the revolution!


Support the resistance of the YPG, formed by the people of Kobane and their heroic sons and daughters, against the attempts of ISIS mobs supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Catar, and to stop a great mass killing and genocide!


Act now to defend Rojava Revolution by organizing demonstrations, protest pickets, and actions in front of the consulates of Turkey and other regional reactionary states. Do not let the barbarians and the reactionary states supported by them to crush the revolution!













31 May 2006

MLCP was founded on September 10th, 1994. The documents of the Founding Congress (1st Congress) form its theoretical, political and organisational basis. This historical development, expressed as the "Unity Revolution", is a result of the struggle conducted within the organisations and among the organisations starting from 1989 by the party's predecessor organisations...